EPIC TREK SPOA Suzuki Samurai Suspension



    Our latest Premium all-around do-it-all performance SPOA suspension kit for the Suzuki Samurai. Whether you want to play in the snow, sand, road, rally or rocks, this one does it ALL well and daily. It includes ALL necessary parts and features our latest signature “Epic Trek” nitrogen rebuildable shocks with bumpstops for smooth ride. Kit features our Samurai “Bonz Eye” rear springs for the front, our “Bonz Eye” YJ springs for the rear, our new “TT” shock towers and Delrin bushings for the chassis for great lateral stability and tight steering response. Provides 6.5″ of lift. Recommended for 31″ – 33″ tire sizes. 2.5″ backspaced wheels recommended. Works with Samurai axles or Toyota axles – Specify when ordering.


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