Longfield Samurai Front Axle Kit (33 Spline kit)


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Longfield™ Samurai 33-Spline Front Axle Kit
The Longfield™ Samurai 33-SplineFront Axle shafts are made out of 4340 chromoly steel. The Longfield™ birfieldsare made out of 100% chromoly and are precision polished to remove anyimperfections that may cause stress risers. The internals of our Longfield™birfields are made out of 4340 chromoly steel and then dual heat-treated forsuperior strength. Theshafts have a larger diameter than stock and are upgraded to 26-splines on thedifferential side. The Birfield side of the axle shaft and the inner race ofthe Birfield have been upgraded to 33-splines to better distribute the torqueloading.
Using 4340 chromoly steel, dual heat-treating the internals of our birfields, and upgrading the spline count to 33-splines, this kit is now 60% stronger than stock!
Kit Includes:
Front axles
Note: To install The Longfield™ Samurai 33-Spline Front Axle Kit you will need 26 spline spider gears in your 3rd member. You can obtain these 26 spline spider gears either by purchasing the OEM rear axle spider gears (they are 26 spline stock in the rear third) or by simply purchasing a locker with 26 spline spider gears, which is common in this application.


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